2020 Prospect –A Forward Look at Digital Finance

The Industry Report 2016, will be published on January 24, 2017. In this report we focus on the fundraising function and explore crowdfunding as a means to raise capital or invest.

Content Contributors for Crowdfunding 2020 Report

Brian Korn, Mark Roderick, Richard Swart, JL Law, Jonathan Wilson, Ross Sylvester, Blaine McLaughlin, Jonathan Frutkin, Craig Denlinger, Samuel Guzik
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About 2020 Outlook Crowdfunding Industry Report

Accepted practices and orthodoxies are being challenged and disrupted by the onset of digital technologies and improved access to capital. This transformation has been facilitated by the introduction of new technology, increased access to capital, and changes to decades old financial regulation. We continue to see growing excitement and support for the development of new methods to conduct fundamental financial functions: lending, exchange, investment, and fundraising.
In this report we focus on the fundraising function and explore crowdfunding as a means to raise capital or invest. So far we have seen the early adoption of this financial instrument by three major industries: real estate, finance, and manufacturing. For this report we have conducted extensive surveying and interviewing with both those who are directly involved in the industry and have the experience and wisdom of early adopters, as well as those outside of the industry seeking to leverage crowdfunding as an investment class or path to capital.
Our purpose is to discover and present the lessons, insights, and needs of the industry as actionable intelligence to industry professionals and potential participants in order to increase the collective strength, growth, and success of the industry.
Key themes covered in the report
  • Overview of the crowdfunding Industry
  • How to train your team and implement a crowdfunding campaign
  • The state and outlook of the Regulation A+ crowdfunding industry
  • Investor relations and accreditation

It is difficult to forecast the future, realizing many paths may be taken, yet we assert it is critical for the broader constituency to consider trends, possible game-changers, even black swans.

We aim to build a collaborative representation of “possible futures”, whether the destinies of the fractional reserve banking model or the tech-enabled non-balance sheet lenders, garnering perspectives from industry participants and thought leaders, financial services executives, regulatory and legislative members, academia and actual users. We intend to explore who and what is truly disruptive and why, and whether such reshaping is positive and sustainable, or something that will or should be pivoted away from.  In many ways, we may have a narrative of David v. Goliath, possibly economic diffusion or something much different. In the end, we hope to stimulate thought and dialogue about how new rules can be applied to an old practice (finance) and what we can expect to see four years hence.  So it’s time to apply “20-20 Prospect” to this emerging and disruptive force, considering possible trajectories, futures and implications, domestically and across the globe.